Our Why

Your Cycle is an organization that is run by Kiwi and Australian women. Our goal is to make your life better with the highest quality, no frills, menstrual products. We simplify your life by delivering pads and tampons to you before you need them and without you having to think about it.

We believe in:

Empowering through knowledge. We believe that when you understand what's happening within your own body, you're more empowered to make better choices. That's why we provide female health care content and an app where you can track your period and symptoms to better understand your body.

Social impact. Central to our mission is lifting up all menstrators. That's why every time a subscription box is purchased, we send products to a menstruator experiencing period poverty.

Highest Quality. Our products are made with biodegradable organic cotton. They're also free from fragrance and added chemicals. If you have an issue, send the packaging back and we'll refund you, no questions asked.