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How can I manage my subscriptions? If I don't want to have a subscription anymore, can I cancel?

Of course. You can cancel or edit your subscription whenever you like. We'll miss you though! You can adjust your subscription by clicking on the "Manage Subscription" button on the account page


How long does shipping take?

Shipping usually takes 2 - 7 business days from the dispatch date. It may take longer at times, depending on the season and our external shipping partner. 


Where are the orders shipped from?

We have offices in Auckland New Zealand and Sydney Australia. Your order will be shipped from your nearest location.


Can I return my items?

If the products you receive are in accordance with your subscription and free of defects, it will not be possible to return them and obtain a credit due to hygiene reasons. However, if the products you receive are not in accordance with your subscription order or are defective, please contact to arrange replacement or a credit.


How does the subscription work?

Simply choose the products that you want (up to 100 packs!), add in your preferred menstrual items and then click 'subscribe every three months". Then, you get sent a box every quarter, so that you're always ready for your period (and never get caught out!)


Is the app just for period tracking?

Your hormonal cycle effects your daily life from sleep quality, to sexual arousal and pleasure, to digestion, to mood, food choice and beyond. It's about SO much more than just getting your period.  We're here to support you with your day to day from standard period tracking, to reproductive health, and beyond.


What makes this app different to any other period tracking apps?

We wanted to help each menstruator get to know their own unique cycle, and be able to get personalised support. That's what makes our app is so personal and helpful - it's a one stop shop that's specific to you and brings together the care, the medical insights, and the products that you need to make your cycle work best for you.


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