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Must-Have Menstrual Cup

All the convenience and comfort you’ve come to expect from your Essential Cup but with an innovative new design. The Must-Have Menstrual Cup has a leak valve that will empty the cup without needing to be removed, allowing you to continue to wear your cup until you're ready to have it cleaned and sanitised in the comfort of your own space.

Just pinch the valve at the bottom of the cup until it opens to release the blood. When it empties, you're all set for up to 6 hours (depending on your flow). Your Cup should be emptied 2–4 times a day but can be used for up to 12 hours. That's it! You can now go about your day with no mess, no strings, no waste, and no hassle.

Soft and reusable, the cup is simple to insert, simple to clean, and safe for your body. Non-drying medical-grade silicone shapes to your body for a leak-proof seal and comfortable fit for all ages and sizes. 

Sizing: Small (clear), perfect for menstruators with a moderate flow or who haven’t had children yet. Large (clear), perfect for menstruators of all ages who have a heavy flow.