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4 Ways Your Sex Drive Changes Throughout Your Cycle

Do you get a bit more… excitable… in the middle of your monthly cycle? If yes, here’s why! 

Sex is a very personal experience and your sex drive, comfort and choices are of course about more than just your cycle. A lot of people who bleed notice changes in their sex drive throughout their cycle. 

Across a month, there’s an intricate and often invisible hormone dance taking place. Some weeks hormone levels are high, and some weeks they drop down low.

So, what does this have to do with my sex drive? 

The two main sex hormones for folks who bleed are estrogen and progesterone. Knowing what they do across a cycle can give some clues to your changing libido (sex drive).

The week 1 pain reliever

Some folks have a high sex drive around period time, and other’s couldn’t think of anything less appealing during this time. 

An increased sex drive now can be due to higher testosterone levels and as a bonus, orgasms can help to reduce period pain and boost your mood!

Less pain, better mood, and naturally lubricated sex? If you and your partner are feeling it, this can still be a great time to embrace your sex drive. 

The week 2 build-up

Early in week 2 many folks feel worn out from their bleed. This sense of fatigue means that you’re a bit less keen to jump between the covers (unless it’s for a nap). 

But towards the end of the second week as you get closer to ovulation, estrogen levels will start to rise. This might mean you’re more likely to feel more energetic with a higher sex drive

Week 3👀

Do you find yourself thinking about your ex or noticing that cute person on the street? If you’re finding this is happening more than usual, you might be ovulating. You’re likely to be more sensitive to smell (and pheromones). This can lead to you thinking and fantasizing about sex (and your ex) more than usual.  

Hello estrogen! Now at its highest levels, estrogen brings a boost of energy, sex drive and natural lubrication (discharge) to boot. 

From an evolutionary angle, this makes sense - if you’re wanting to have a baby, ovulation is your peak fertile window where it’s easiest to get pregnant. And your body is here to help you out, encouraging you to have lots of sex.

And, if you’re not planning to be pregnant, this can be a fun time to explore what excites you.

The week 4 rollercoaster

For many people, week 4 is a mixed bag. Increasing progesterone levels can bring PMS symptoms including bloating, tender breasts, fatigue, lower pain tolerance and mood swings. 

With all of this going on in your body it can be a rollercoaster of emotions and physical sensations that might leave you feeling less up for sex than usual. 

There’s also less vaginal discharge in week 4 and this can make sex less comfortable without the help of some lube. 

You can work out your sex drive patterns by tracking your cycle. Download YourCycle app for personalised information on everything to do with your cycle. It’s completely free and always will be.