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4 Ways to Align Your Sex Life With Your Hormonal Cycle

Have you noticed that along with your energy and mood, your sex drive also changes throughout your cycle? A lot of folks experience changes to the way sex feels across their cycle, and something that felt really good on day 14 might feel less good on day 26. 

Throughout your cycle, your sensitivity towards physical sensations changes, as does the amount of vaginal discharge (lubrication) you have and, your interest in sex. 

Sex is a deeply personal experience, and comfort levels, choice and timing are about more than just your cycle. Having said that, aligning your sex life with your hormonal cycle can help you to have satisfying and enjoyable intimacy all cycle long. 

Can I have sex while I have my period? 

Yes! If you and your partner(s) are okay with this, there’s no reason not to have sex, or to masturbate while you have your period. And, in fact, orgasms can help to relieve period pain. If you need to, consider popping down a towel or extra sheet for easy cleaning afterwards.

How does sex change throughout my cycle?

Week one: menstruation

Period sex can make for the most naturally lubricated sex, but you might also find your energy levels and desire are lower right now. You might feel like a sex-free week or prefer to opt for non-penetrative types of sex.  

And remember, desire and preferences are individual, so always listen to your own body's rhythms and signals. 

Week two: follicular phase (before the release of an egg)

The follicular phase starts with your period and ends when you begin ovulating . Towards the end of the follicular phase, increasing estrogen levels can boost your mood and help you feel sexy and confident. Many folks who bleed experience a higher sex drive in the later part of their follicular phase (leading up to ovulation). If you feel this way during this phase, enjoy this time where you feel like a glowing goddess. 

Week 3: ovulation (egg releases)

Ovulation and your peak fertile time brings with it an increase in discharge (up to 30 times more!), meaning your vagina is more lubricated and sex might be more comfortable.

The position of your cervix in your abdomen also changes throughout your cycle and can influence your experience of pleasure from different sex positions. During ovulation, your cervix can sit higher in your abdomen, meaning you might prefer deeper-entry positions (like on all fours with a partner behind you). 

Also at this time, high estrogen levels mean many folks have a higher sex drive and might experience more fantasising and masturbation. If you’re thinking about texting your ex during this time, think twice before hitting send. 

Week 4: luteal phase (after the release of an egg)

During the luteal phase, breasts are often more full and tender. This can mean that having your breasts touched is less comfortable now, than say, in your follicular phase. 

And, with the onset of PMS, you might feel less desire for sex in the lead up to your period. 

There’s also a lower amount of vaginal discharge right now, meaning things are drier and sex might feel less comfortable without the help of some lube. 

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