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3 Period Friendly Period Products

Staying active might be the last thing on your mind while you’re on your period, and for a lot of menstruating individuals, it is. Putting menstrual cramps, fatigue, and bloating into consideration, we can’t blame you if you don’t feel like being active on some days.

Being self-sufficient even during the heaviest of period days can give you a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. There’s really nothing like the feeling of getting things done, especially on days when you feel like you can’t. If you’re interested in getting more active during your period, read on as we have prepared a list of three products that can help you keep things going even during your red days.


When you do decide to get out there and do your thing, you shouldn’t have to spend so much time worrying about your pad sliding around or if your liner can be seen through your yoga pants. Tampons have been known to be the go-to product when it comes to staying active while on your menstrual cycle. They’ll stay in place, and they’re absorbent enough to prevent leaks as long as you change them every 4 hours. 

Pad/Liner and Tampon Combination

For more strenuous activities such as basketball, martial arts, sprinting and the like, you may want to double up with a pad or liner along with using a tampon. This ensures the least leakage possible in case you need to train for long hours or have a really heavy flow. Another layer of protection won’t hurt! Just make sure not to wear extra tight activewear to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

If you prefer not using a tampon, pads and liners with wings can also provide you with enough protection on days you have a lighter flow, just not for swimming. Remember pads absorb water, and are not ideal for days you plan to go out for a dip. 

Menstrual Cups

Much like tampons, menstrual cups are also excellent options for heavier workouts. They’re actually known to provide more protection since they can collect a lot more blood than heavy-duty tampons can. However, we don’t recommend going on high-intensity workouts if you’ll be using menstrual cups for the first time. They take a bit of getting used to, so we recommend only working out with them once you’ve already gotten the hang of them.

It’s perfectly normal not to be active during your period. So if you find yourself struggling to get yourself going, don’t beat yourself up about it. But if you really want to get out there and do your thing, the three products we’ve listed above can really help lighten the struggle. Get started by searching for the product best suitable for your needs, whether it's in your local grocery store or with companies like Cycle who make finding the right fit a whole lot easier for you. 

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